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Booking in the Rural House Los Moruchos. To do this we provide a timetable so that you can check the availability of the house. Fill in the booking request form and will answer you as soon as possible.


Data required:
(*)Number of People:
(*)Number of babies:
(*)Departure date:

...Please note that:

  • The check in time is after 16:00 h.
  • The departure time is before 13:00 pm with the possibility to leave later if the house is free.
  • You can also book by phone or email. The phone number and the email address are listed at the footer.
  • Babies do not count when taking into account the maximum number of people in the house, for example you can make a booking for 8 adults / children and 2 babies, the reason for including them in the form is to prepare the necessary cots.
  • Before booking, check if the days you want to book are available.
  • *These bookings are not valid until they are confirmed or rejected by the administrator of the Rural house.


Email: movil

mobile: 660580402 / 627960339 movil